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Warp Aggregate Node

How it works

A node that is responsible for aggregating data from D.R.E. nodes and from interaction transactions.\ The aggregate node is listening for contracts' state updates (published by the D.R.E. nodes) and aggregates data about PST balances.

The aggregate node also listens for contracts' interactions (published by the Warp Gateway) and indexes them by values specified in the Indexed-By tag.



Returns a list of all the latest states currently held by the aggregate node.



Returns a list of all balances held by a given walletAddress.



Returns a list of interactions associated with given indexes.

To associate interaction with indexes you have to provide a tag with the name Indexed-By, where values are indexes (up to 5 possible). Example with warp-sdk:

const interaction = await this.contract.writeInteraction(
{function: "like", postId}),
{tags: [{name: "Indexed-By", value: `project-a;${postId}` }]},


  • indexes - list of indexes that interaction is associated with. Indexes are divided by ;. If you pass more than one index, interactions have to have ALL passed indexes (AND).
  • contractTxId (optional)
  • ownerAddress (optional) - the owner of the interaction
  • limit (optional) - how many records should we fetch at one request
  • page (optional) - number of page

Example request:;0x0120-0x04

Response (interactions are ordered by block_height in descending order):

"interactions": [
"block_height": 1108760,
"contract_tx_id": "ghCNSciu61vISHGV4XfgLoBkLfdm_qewKhVgAEg_pOs",
"id": "XW5dWJ68ykzedQ-_komt3Pl5eQXWEQrgAyYVMcsGP7c",
"owner_address": "0x64587b293e4811F4e2588A971D5dB2a11E6D2E4F",
"tag_index_0": "project-a",
"tag_index_1": "0x0120-0x04",
"tag_index_2": null,
"tag_index_3": null,
"tag_index_4": null
"paging": {
"items": 1,
"limit": 1000,
"page": 1


Returns a list of nft owned by given ownerAddress.
The contract is treated as NFT if deployment transaction contains Indexed-By: atomic-asset tag. atomic-asset is standard for NFT, more about it [here] (description coming soon).


  • ownerAddress - potential owner of NFTs

Example request:


"paging": {
"limit": 100,
"items": 1,
"page": 1
"contracts": [
"contract_tx_id": "5ljTyKaUNtAoohIZ3VHa_HtX-QusuAFlMc89ZTHgi1U",
"state": "{\"name\":\"mike-test-nft\",\"owner\":\"0x70997970C51812dc3A010C7d01b50e0d17dc79C8\",\"symbol\":\"mike__236\",\"decimals\":0,\"totalSupply\":1,\"balances\":{\"0x70997970C51812dc3A010C7d01b50e0d17dc79C8\":1},\"allowances\":{}}"