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Unsafe client

unsafeClient is available to use on Smartweave global object. It gives access to whole Arweave instance. Example of usage:

const result = await SmartWeave.unsafeClient.transactions.getData('some_id');

We do not recommend using the unsafeClient as it can lead to non-deterministic results. Therefore, we do not support it by default in Warp.

unsafeClient evaluation option

The unsafeClient evaluation option can accept one of three values:

  • throw - the default - will cause the evaluation to stop and throw an exception when a contract with unsafeClient will be detected.
  • allow - allows for evaluation of unsafe contract
  • skip - skips the evaluation of an unsafe contract. It allows to skip evaluation of a foreign contract that is using unsafe client; in such case the validity of the parent contract interaction will be set to false and the error message will contain error like [SkipUnsafeError] Using unsafeClient is not allowed by default.

Contract's evolves are also being tracked - e.g. if contract evolves from safe to unsafe - its evaluation will be skipped from that point.


If contract evolves back to safe code (from unsafe code) - it still will be skipped. The reason is that we're unable to determine the state of the contract when it returns to the safe version.