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Implementation tutorial for loot contract on SmartWeave

This tutorial shows how to implement a simple loot contract on the SmartWeave protocol.

💡 The smart contract idea

We will implement a simple LOOT-like contract, which allows us to generate and transfer different magical assets, for example black silver sword or blue gold crown. Each asset will be unique and can belong to only one wallet at a time.

Initially there are no generated assets, but users will be able to generate and claim them. Users also will be able to transfer their assets to others.

🚀 Deployed version

We've already deployed this contract on the Arweave blockchain. Its transaction id is Daj-MNSnH55TDfxqC7v4eq0lKzVIwh98srUaWqyuZtY. You can check its source code in our SonAR..

Final implementation is available in the github repo.

🙋‍♂️ Need help?

Please feel free to contact us on Discord if you have any questions.

🧰 Prerequisites

  • Prepared Node.js environment
  • yarn installed
  • Basic Javascript coding skills
  • Basic understanding of SmartWeave

📦 Install dependencies

# Install dependencies
$ yarn add arweave@1.11.6 warp-contracts@1.2.2

# Install dev dependencies
$ yarn add arlocal@1.1.42 jest -D