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Ok, time for our first dApp!

👷 What we will build?

In this tutorial we're going to learn how to build a simple PST (Profit Sharing Token) application. Our main token will be Federation Credits which are monetary units used by the United Federation of Planets. You can read some more about this fictional unit in the Star trek fandom wiki. In order to achieve that, we will write our first PST contract. After writing some tests, we will deploy it to the Warp public testnet. It will let us mint some tokens as well as transfer them between addresses and read current balances. We will then create a simple dApp which will help us interact with the contract in a user-friendly way.

We will also give you some advice of how to deploy the contract to the Arweave mainnet.


🔨 What you will need

We've already deployed final versions of the PST contract and application. You can view the contract in the contracts explorer - SonAR. Application is available here.

In order to complete this tutorial you will need to fork warp academy repository, head to warp-academy-pst/challenge folder and complete all the tasks in the next sections by writing some code.

git clone
cd academy/warp-academy-pst/challenge

No worries, we will guide you through the whole process!

You can also run final version locally by running following commands:

cd warp-academy-pst/final
yarn install
yarn serve