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🤖 Prologue ⛓️

Disclaimer 1: Since I suck at writing introductions, this one was generated by GPT-4 according to my suggestions 🙈.
Disclaimer 2: All the images were generated with DALL-E based Image Creator.

In the context of technological advancements, AI and blockchain are often regarded as distinct domains. However, the combination of these two technologies presents a unique opportunity to address real-world data management and computation challenges.

By envisioning a world where AI models become transparent and their training data and code are easily accessible, we can leverage the integration of smart contracts platforms and AI libraries.

This approach establishes a decentralized and verifiable system capable of addressing issues such as data gravity (say hello to a decentralized storage on Arweave), dishonest computation, and limitations of traditional internet money services (tokenize high quality data feeds, tokenize computational resources).

In this tutorial, we will examine a practical example of this synergistic collaboration by constructing a smart contract with a neural network trained to predict Bitcoin prices.