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Profit Sharing Communities

❓ What are PSCs?

Profit Sharing Community (PSC) are decentralised and open-sourced companies built on the Permaweb using SmartWeave contracts. Depending on how many PSTs a person holds and for how long a person wants to hold these tokens, voting power is determined. This means that even small token holders can have power analogous to 'bigger fishes' (if they are for example willing to hold tokens for a long time).

✅ Benefits of PSCs

Profit Sharing Communities provide more control for founders of projects whilst at the same time assure contributors with more power. Thanks to PSCs, contributors have fair governance rights, instant liquidity and of course revenue distributed to all holders from application usage.


In order to view or create PSC you can visit

You can find specification for the SmartWeave contract handling communities here.


You can read some more in the following resources: